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Weigh In: Volume 14 – Events for Guys-Only

 —  January 31, 2012 — 5 Comments

From time to time I post a question that comes into the blog for YOU to answer. What advice would you give this youth pastor who is asking about starting over again in a much smaller context than his previous experience. I’ll post some of my thoughts next week on how I answered him over email, but was hoping you could weigh in with your thoughts, too. Weigh in!

I’m newly on staff with our church and just wanted to pick your brain a little! I’m working on some outreach ideas for our students and trying to put together some “guy specific” events and ideas and just wanted to see if you wouldn’t mind sharing some knowledge. If you get a chance, if there’s any way you could just let me know a couple things that have worked for y’all, or maybe like your top 2-3 ideas, or even a resource you could point me to, that would be fantastic!

I replied to his email … but would love for you to Weigh In, too! Leave a comment!


Josh Griffin


5 responses to Weigh In: Volume 14 – Events for Guys-Only

  1. The tougher the better for guys if that makes sense. I have a few guys that love our discipleship ministry that meets at 6AM for a hour before school starts. Guys want to feel the are sacrificing something. It does not have to be crazy hard but if it has a good challenge to it you may get a better buy in from the guys. Our church did a food out reach a few years ago once a month and we met on Saturday at 5:30AM and we would get 10 students no problem. A few months later they moved the time to 9:30AM and I could hardly get 2 students to attend.

  2. When you say outreach are you talking full community outreach or outreach to draw new students in. I will give my few ideas for both.

    We have done a few, we had Man night- a night dedicated to meat and video games ( Dinner was camel and kangaroo burgers and dessert was chocolate covered bacon) The boys loved it and thought it was an amazingly easy event to bring friends out for.

    Planking- Took the boys around town to go planking and we took videos of it all.

    As for community outreach: Do a project oriented around people. Something where the guys have to get their hands dirty (ie yardwork/landscaping for a family that can’t afford it)
    We sorted toys and served meals for the local salvation army.

  3. Anything outside! Hiking, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding etc.

  4. A bakin night for the ladies, and a bacon night for the guys.

  5. I have had some great conversations with guys at Baseball games. My discipleship group really likes baseball and so we try to hit a few games, major or minor league, each season.

    The setting at a baseball game is perfect for conversation and catching up on whats going on in their lives. plus I really enjoy ballpark hotdogs.

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