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Weigh In – Volume 12: What Do You Want for Christmas?

 —  December 8, 2011 — 8 Comments

From time to time I ask you to weigh in on a question I receive over email that I don’t know the answer to or am interested in your response, too. Here’s one you could have fun answering in the comments!

My spouse is a youth pastor and reads your site constantly. My question for you is what as a youth pastor would you like as a present for Christmas. I have the present covered for the relationship-side but wanted to also get him/her something that was a good gift for a youth pastor. Help me out! I know meaningful gifts are far better than monetary gifts and would love some ideas.

So here you go youth pastors … what would be an awesome Christmas gift from your spouse/significant other for ministry? Weigh in!


Josh Griffin


8 responses to Weigh In – Volume 12: What Do You Want for Christmas?

  1. I LOVE being sent to leadership conferences. Sometimes you can find local ones for cheap. But I have never gone to one and thought man…That was a waste. Great for networking and developing yourself as a leader. But I’m 26 and low on the experience meter…I’ll take help from anywhere!!

  2. Kindle Fire.
    Or from a spouse… a vacation time together would be great. A weekend away, would be awesome.

  3. I think a weekend away or a conference is a great idea.

    I posted a list of gift ideas for Youth Pastors: http://youthpastorgear.wordpress.com/2011/11/30/2011-christmas-gift-guide-for-youth-workers/

  4. iPad or other preferred tablet of choice.

  5. Benjamin Spears December 8, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    I’ve always got an ever-expanding book list on Amazon as well as some cool worship albums! Those are always winners.

  6. DInner alone with my wife.

  7. I would love something unique that I could put in my office. Something like an antique Bible page with my favorite chapter from the Bible (http://www.greatsite.com/ancient-rare-bible-leaves/index.html) or a page from one of Spurgeon’s sermons (http://www.raredoctraders.com/single-sermon) framed would look awesome! This would be something I could see every day at the office and be reminded of my wife.

  8. Ereader, leadership conference, or a PS3. You know you wanted to say it too.

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