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Value What Your Boss Values

 —  May 28, 2013 — 5 Comments

From time to time I hear youth workers lament that they need to take care of certain things that they don’t care about al all – but things their supervisor values.

They begrudgingly do this punch list of stuff only because they have to. Filling out that report, keeping the database up to date, attendance stuff, pastoral care logs – all of the mundane stuff of ministry that can wear a person down and make them wish for the days when they actually did minister to students.

Let me let you in on a little tip: if you don’t value what your boss values, you’re not going to last long at your church. Sure, you may get lucky and the boss ends up leaving in the next year instead of you, but chances are you’ll be the one looking up open youth ministry position’s in your spouse’s hometown.

So value what your boss values! If he or she asks you for the most mundane reports in the world … spend some serious time on them and make them great. Do what is required, and add in some additional detail they might find interest in, too. Not sure what they value? Take them out to lunch and find out! There’s a chance you’re wasting a lot of time on things that don’t matter to them at all or ignoring important tasks they are dying for you to pick up!

I’ll be back with more boss tips throughout the week – from successes and failures in my own ministry career. Some from as recently as last week! Argh.

Your turn: share one helpful boss tip in the comments now, too!


Josh Griffin


5 responses to Value What Your Boss Values

  1. Spend time with your boss not talking about ministry. I recently took a trip with our lead pastor and I learned more about him from a hour and a half conversation about life and family, than I did in the past two years.

  2. Similar to valuing what they value, allow your senior pastor to set the vision for the student ministry. Be thankful if you have a boss who cares enough about the students in the church to have a few fundamental pieces that he wants to see in place. It’s at least worth it to ask the question, “Where do you want to see the youth ministry a year from now?”

  3. So true Josh but also so easily forgotten! Thanks for the reminder!

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