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Use Children To Better Your Ministry

 —  November 13, 2012 — 5 Comments

I used to be jealous of our children’s ministry because I thought they were getting all the attention. Space in our church needs to be shared; therefore, everything needs to lean towards “CHILD FRIENDLY”. Just like the teenagers I serve I would grow embarrassed by the “KID-LIKE” décor that filled the walls. I would wonder, “Do teens want to come back after seeing that?”

I eventually matured and realized that as a youth minister I need the children’s ministry in order to succeed. They are the future teens you will mentor. They are laying the foundation for what you do, and if they fail your job will be that much harder. So, what does that mean?


How are you supposed to invest in the children’s ministry in order to create a better student ministry?

Not sure what the relationship you have with your children’s pastor looks like but it needs to be healthy. This means getting to know them as a coworker and a person. Schedule a weekly or biweekly meeting where you can discuss obstacles, share stories of success and challenge one another. The more you get to know them the more you begin to trust them.

I found that much of my frustration with the children’s ministry was due to old expectations. I always compared it to the misconceptions I had about children’s ministry. All this did was create suspicion. By observing the children’s ministry you will see how it is serving your student ministry. You will also be able to give your children’s pastor an outsider’s perspective.

Just as you need multiples of volunteers, so does the children’s ministry. One thing you can offer them that they can’t offer you is a teenage workforce. Encourage your teens to give what they have been given. Your teens will not only be youthful and energetic, but a positive role model for the kids.

While you may want a bigger budget, make sure it doesn’t come at the expense of the children’s programs. On top of finances, help them recruit leaders and help them communicate to parents about what they are doing. By serving the children’s ministry in your church, you are building the foundation of your future teens.

It’s easy to grow jealous of others if you are only focused on yourself. The way that your ministry will grow is if you learn how to grow with others on staff. After your pastor the best place to start is with the person running the children’s ministry. It’s not only your future but also your foundation. Help them succeed.

What are you doing to invest in the children’s ministry at your church?

Chris (Twitter)

Chris Wesley


5 responses to Use Children To Better Your Ministry

  1. This is a great post. As the “Family Guy” at my church, my direct ministry is Youth. But I oversee the Children’s ministry. As I work with the Children’s Minister, I serve her and her ministry by being involved in what they do (primarily through Storytelling and large group activities). That has presented me so many opportunities to build into my next generation of teens. I’m already winning the right to be heard with them at a young age so that when they come into “my” ministry, I can just merely pick up where we left off rather than starting new.


    Tom (www.ministryblackboard.com)

    • Tom,

      That’s awesome, and I totally agree that you are winning them over before you even get started. Even if we aren’t actively involved in the children’s ministry, we need to still be present. Let them get familiar with you. Thanks for sharing.

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    They understand that Children Ministry can assist the student ministry to a great extent. They are vibrant, full of energy and always eager to learn. Just guide them properly and help them to understand God by doing activities like servings etc.

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