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Top 3 Youth Ministry Apps

 —  May 7, 2013 — 6 Comments

article.2013.04.30Got a smartphone? Chances are you’re working at integrating some great apps into your youth ministry world. We do the same thing and while Angry Birds Star Wars and Temple Run 2 take up a little too much of our time if we’re honest, there are some incredible apps for youth ministry.

This week Josh is up first and Kurt will offer up his 3 favorites tomorrow. Add your favorite apps in the comments!

TOP 3 APPS for youth ministry

1. Evernote (FREE)
Evernote is a productivity app that syncs important documents in the cloud and on all your devices. It is incredibly robust and keeps everything from brainstorm notes, pictures you take, and even voice memos and delivers them to all of your devices. It’s a great place to work on talks, share documents, and even manage to-do lists. An incredible app for your phone, Web site, and computer and the price is right.

2. HeyTell (FREE)
Communicate with your friends like a walkie-talkie. The best part is you can make a group and send a quick voice memo to all your volunteers at once. The interface is simple, one touch, and responsive. Even if someone isn’t a phone person, this is a perfect compromise.

3. Icebreaker Questions ($.99)
The only one on the list that costs actual money but well worth it. Suggest it to your small-group leaders so they have a starting point for conversations and figure out how to talk to teenagers. The questions are fun and make it easier to get past that awkward pause while waiting for everyone else to arrive to group.

Other incredible apps that didn’t quite make the cut:

Haze ($.99) check the weather to make sure the summer event isn’t going to be rained out.

Starbucks (FREE) consolidate all of your Starbucks cards into one place and earn stars toward free drinks. Maybe even have a church card and personal card both on the same account.

YouVersion (FREE) the best Bible app out there. The daily reading plans with reminders and notifications are super to keep you on track, too.

Pandora (FREE) want to have a great playlist for before and after services? Download this app, turn on the TobyMac station, plug it into your sound system, and you’re set. Easy there is an occasional commercial, so you might want to drop the $36/year to go ad-free, too. You might never buy another CD again!

What are the other best youth ministry apps out there you’d add to the list?

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Josh Griffin


6 responses to Top 3 Youth Ministry Apps

  1. We actually prefer Spotify over Pandora. The music selection is better, and there are a lot less skipping/pausing/buffering issues.

  2. We and many of our friends have created Instagram (Free) accounts in order to post pictures and promote youth group events, or even just to connect with students throughout the week.

  3. I’m with Trista. Our youth pastor decided to spring for a premium Spotify account so we could listen without ads, and it’s been incredible. We literally have a massive music library at our fingertips. We use it for music beds for announcements and greet and mingle time, before and after service music, background for parts of messages… Seriously, well worth the price.

  4. Spotify is AMAZING!!!
    Spotify all the way! Pay for the premium and you can create any type of playlist you want and make them offline in case the churches wifi goes down (happens all the time).

  5. I recently got an app called Mass Text Message. It allows you to put students/leaders into different groups that you can text. It is very helpful when it comes to events (like Believe) where you can add a group called “Believe” and you can text all your leaders for that event! I also have a group for my small group. It is free but you can only add 10 people per group. If you need to add more people, I think it costs $.99.

  6. The ministry app can be used to aid the growth of the church and to strengthen the faith of Christians. It is important for churches to make the best use of digital technology to reach out to the faithful and share important information on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing this article.

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