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TOP 3: Epic Fails in Youth Ministry

 —  October 2, 2012 — 3 Comments

This month we’re introducing a new series here on the Simply Youth Ministry Today newsletter. It is called Top 3 and we’re kicking off this week with our Top 3 epic youth ministry fails. Thought you would like that one!

1) Every so often we play a video clip as part of the message and in one particularly tragic service we played the video clip a team member had made for me (Josh). Like an idiot I hadn’t previewed the clip from Tommy Boy and the very last sentence of the excerpt involved a joke about the size of the guys…sailboat. Needless to say, it would go on to be one of my most epic fails of all time. I ended the message with, “It sure has been great being your pastor.” Hahahah!

2) I (Kurt) was a 22-year-old rookie junior high pastor on my way to a youth group New Year’s Eve party with a carload of kids. I happened to have surf racks on my car and one of the 8th grade boys happened to be highly adventurous…which turned out to be a bad combination. I pulled over, strapped the student into my surf racks, and proceeded to drive 5 miles through town to the party. Luckily it was before the days of cell phones, Instagram, and every move being instantaneously captured. Other than a fairly harsh tongue lashing from the high school pastor (why do they always think they’re so much more spiritual?), there was no damage done.

3) To make a long story short: I (Kurt) was on staff at Saddleback for one month when I accidentally left a student in the stadium after an Arena Football League game. I counted…just not accurately.

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Josh Griffin


3 responses to TOP 3: Epic Fails in Youth Ministry

  1. Great idea for a series…and yet, sad that there is enough material to make it a series. :)

  2. Next summer, when the youth ministry travel season starts up again, I’m planning a post for my blog about “The Night of the Infamous Walmart Run”. I’d give you a teaser, but I feel like it would ruin the fun.

  3. My biggest fail was when one Wednesday night as an illustration of how sin infects all parts of our life I decided to mix things together to show how they permeat each other. Not thinking, I grabbed different chemicals of various colors. When I added the then chemical (bleach) it instantly began boiling over in my hand all over the stage and filled te room with chlorine gas. I couldn’t see and the kids couldn’t breath, so we were done for the night!

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