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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say in a Job Interview

 —  January 14, 2008 — 5 Comments

Last month I wrote a short clip for Group Magazine that will appear in an upcoming issue. Thought we could have some fun with it here on the blog now after the fact. Here’s three of 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say in a Job Interview, have you got a few more to add just for laughs?

10. Hey, I think there’s a misprint here. Did you forget one of the digits in the salary?
8. Sure, I’m happy to count summer camp as a week of vacation.
4. Oh yeah, my spouse is definitely part of the “bargain” here.


Josh Griffin


5 responses to Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say in a Job Interview

  1. Wow, that vacation one brings back a memory. A few years ago, before snow camp, one of the parents of a sixth grader pulled me aside to warn me about all the different emotional, hyperactive, add, and behavioral issues his child had before I took him off to snowcamp (as if I hadn’t already noticed the issues in youth group …). So he gives me all this info, and my head is just spinning, and he wraps it up with … “Man, it must be nice to get a ski vacation and call it work. Wish my job was like that!” I was just standing there staring at him … thinking, dude, did you even hear yourself telling me what I’m going to be dealing with for 72 hours?!? Multiply that by 50 kids, and then you’ll know how relaxing my ‘vacation’ is!

  2. Here’s a suggested no-njo.

    ” I learnt that skill from my probation officer”

  3. “You don’t give drug tests to your staff, do you?”

  4. “Convicted of a felony? Got off every time…the Lord must-a-ben watchin’ over me.”

  5. Are there alot of hot girls in the youth group?

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