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Time Magazine, Mommy Wars and Teenagers

Neely McQueen —  May 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

Did you see the most ridiculous Time Magazine cover? The one that is meant to turn moms against each other? A fellow adoptive mom wrote a great article about the mom wars here...it’s well worth a read.

Both of these got me thinking about how society tries to turn females against females. It’s not just moms against moms…but it can starts much younger.

Whose prettier?

Whose smartier?

Who gets the attention of the boys?

Whose more talented?

It starts with each girl questioning herself...Am I pretty enough? Am I smart enough? Will people notice me? Am I talented enough?

And it’s as if the media and society one to exploit each of those weakness within a girl by creating illusions of “perfection” in each of those areas. Perfection that is not achievable by ANYONE.

Instead of turning to each other as woman/girls for support in this crazy world of unrealistic standards…we turn against each other. While I am certain this started long ago, I am convinced that the “world” encourages it and praises it!

How do we help girls work together instead of against each other?

1. Start with small groups! Girl only small groups provide a place for girls to be honest with each other…and help girls see that they are not alone.

2. Showcase all different type of girls. In our leadership and with our students…let’s not match the world with similar standards of perfection for girls. Let all different sizes, shapes and personality have a chance to lead…behind on the scenes or on the stage.

3. Watch your words. Listen for ways that you communicate what is the right way of applying God’s word…are you praising a particular type of student? Are all welcomed in your ministry?

What are your thoughts?


Neely McQueen


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