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The Winners of Score Keep!

 —  January 26, 2011 — 4 Comments

Ran a little contest over here a few days ago, happy to announce the winners of this fantastic new product called Score Keep. Congratulations are in order for:

Justin Pardee at 12:57pm January 24
Holla! We do sex and dating series every year in February for 3 weeks kicking off after the Super Bowl with a running “Battle of the Sexes” competition and last year I hacked Apple Keynote into working as a scoreboard & timer up on the big screen right over the stage… but this looks a hundred times better. I totally want to use this year to make things so much more legit!

Josh Byers at 9:38pm January 24
This was made for eating competitions and games are a given — but here are 5 out of the box ideas
1. Try and time your talk to end exactly when the countdown ends
2. For the younger VBS crowd — who brought more visitors, guys or girls? You could really work the crowd by clicking up the numbers slowly, pause and then do a whole bunch and pause and…
3. Keep a running tally of ideas that get accepted or shot down by your senior pastor during a staff meeting
4. When teaching a passage and a certain word appears numerous times and you want to point it out for effect — well there you go.
5. Tally up the number of minutes I spent trying to come up with a fifth idea that would knock your socks off — then I realized the counter wouldn’t go past 100… #fail

Phillip at 7:07am January 25
Being a new Youth Minister with a smaller youth group, no funds and a white board that has been doodled on with permanent marker (but they are good drawing of Jesus)…. I’ll say I can use it in almost every game we do…

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Spin That Wheel … you have to check it out, too. Awesome!


Josh Griffin


4 responses to The Winners of Score Keep!

  1. Yes!!! I never win anything. Thanks Josh!

    Unfortunately we wanted to use it so bad I couldn’t hold out any longer and bought it last night – patience is a virtue I know…

    So I will gladly donate my copy to another needy youth worker :)

  2. Awesome!

  3. That’s very nice of you. Josh, but the code is on it’s way to you. YOU get to give it away to someone else, friend. Awesome! JG

  4. Justin – it should be in your inbox now, friend. Congrats! JG

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