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The Life Book Movement

 —  May 4, 2011 — 1 Comment

The Life Book was a sponsor of the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast the other week – I had never even heard of it before but was totally impressed by the book and the movement. If you want free books (essentially Bibles) for every student in your youth group, and potentially even enough for the surrounding high school students – check out their website today. Awesome mission and awesome vision.


Josh Griffin


One response to The Life Book Movement

  1. Josh, I was so pumped when I heard the Life Book was a sponsor of your show (that Doug’s nice enough to co-host) last week. We did a “saturation week” with the Life Book a few weeks ago in our community and it was a huge success. Students opened doors, faced challenges in a Godly way, and even saw some of their friends come to know the Lord. This product is a rarity in Youth Ministry (evangelical yet NOT corny.) I hope you love it as much as the Youth Pastors in this area did, and when you do, you’ll keep banging the drum and getting the word out!

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