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The HSM Parent Weekly (Newsletter for Parents)

 —  April 18, 2011 — 3 Comments

We’ve dabbled with a parent newsletter in the past, but quite honestly the answer was in front of us the entire time!

We sent out a quick weekly email to our volunteers to keep them in the loop on what was going on in our ministry. Life Group leaders are a key way to make sure that announcements, trips and events are being communicated another time during the week. We text out most of the important stuff, and we do have a formal announcement time in the weekend services, but nothing replaces a small group leader sharing about an event in a group of 8-12 students.

So we were putting all of this work into a weekly email for volunteers and struggled to find a voice for parents. So what we did was simple: take the volunteer email we were already doing and just add a few items of interest to the parents. So far we’ve added a couple of items like a resource or website for parents to check out. It’s been a huge hit for us!

Now there are some great things already out there that can help make this process of communicating with parents far more painless – like using The Parent Link (probably the best option) or just signing up parents for great weekly emails like Homeword’s Weekly Culture Brief or CPYU’s Youth Culture Update. The value here is to make sure your parents are in the loop and you’re helping and supporting the home. This is how we’re doing it!


Josh Griffin


3 responses to The HSM Parent Weekly (Newsletter for Parents)

  1. What format & media outlet are you guys using to get this info to the parents?

  2. Just an HTML email so far … and a link to each back issue on the HSM blog/website. JG

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