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The Book Series Video: Week 2

 —  February 2, 2012 — 6 Comments

Each week the sermon bumper video for this series grows by 20-30 seconds – here’s part 2 (of 6) for our student-version of the 40 Days in the Word campaign, The Book.


Josh Griffin


6 responses to The Book Series Video: Week 2

  1. Hey Josh,
    Sweet video. We did a similar series a couple years ago that we want to revisit. Who’s making your video for this series? What program is used? A do a bunch of our video stuff, and I love this style video. Thanks, Josh.

  2. Hey Jerry!

    I’m making these series videos in After Effects. I’m planning on making a tutorial for my site (parkerstech.com) when we’re done with the series :)


  3. We’re doing the 40 Days in the Word starting Next Week. Is there any way to keep getting the rest of these videos for us to use? Awesome Job! Way to pack a ton of info in a short segment!

  4. Brian Stockford March 25, 2012 at 6:11 am

    Why did you remove the videos just as we need to use them for 40 Days

  5. I think the videos are still there? Nothing’s been pulled to my knowledge …


  6. Where can I get/use/buy all 6 weeks of this video series? I am doing a similar series this fall and these would be perfect but I can’t find these videos anywhere. Are they on a DVD or downloadable somewhere? I can only find the completed version but I was looking for all 6.

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