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The 5-Year Plan for HSM

 —  June 4, 2009 — 6 Comments

I just realized that in my last post I referenced a 5-year plan, then in a search of my blog archive I realized I’ve never articulated it here before. This isn’t exhaustive by any means, I should probably save this to drafts and scour my moleskin for more detail, but oh well. Here’s the plan of focused attack in the first 5-years in HSM, each building on the previous year’s goals and success:


  • Observation – see where the ministry is currently strong and weak
  • Team assessment – see who the players are, figure out capacity


  • Invitation – invite everyone to get on the bus
  • Reorg - put the players in the right position
  • Weekend service – make in entry-level: understandable, fun, inviting, student-driven
  • Refinery – grand opening of our student building
  • Volunteers - make them the core of our ministry, eat dinner with them once a week for 3 months
  • Small groups – revamp, unify, experiment in The Refinery then homes


  • Communicationadd mass texting, update HSM blog in real-time
  • Discipleship – relaunch HABITS, connect it to small groups and weekend teaching
  • Student leadership – relaunch Student Leadership with campus emphasis
  • Ministry teams – overhaul ministry teams to serve the church
  • Response - start a response card system and followup process
  • Pre-steps to fellowship – the jump from the weekend to small groups is big, can we make it smaller?


  • Next step ministry – baptism, CLASS 101, Fresh Start
  • HSM LIVE - live stream our services
  • Track attendance and follow-up - thumbscan attendance swipe, automated follow-up
  • Hit the web – relaunch web presence, finally fully embrace social media
  • Missions – partner with PEACE projects world-wide
  • Upperclass Ministry - specific events, classes, trips for juniors and seniors
  • Local service projects


  • Parent ministry – website, newsletter and regular meetings
  • Take a deep breath … then fix everything that’s broken


Josh Griffin


6 responses to The 5-Year Plan for HSM

  1. thanks for sharing this josh.
    how much of it did you map out in 2007? or has it been more of an evolving document?

  2. That’s awesome. Always good to have a plan!

    How are you doing the thumb scanning? We’ve looked into that a little bit, but hadn’t found anything that looked effective.

  3. you should just tattoo bar codes on the kids

  4. Hahahah … I like it! JG

  5. Same question as above: “How are you doing the thumb scanning? We’ve looked into that a little bit, but hadn’t found anything that looked effective.”

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