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The 10 Reasons People Attend Church: #4

 —  May 31, 2011 — 3 Comments

Each day this week I’ve been posting the results of a new member survey from our church. Here’s reason #4 from a Top Ten list of why people join our church … and the one I’m most excited about:

#4 — Children’s and Youth Ministry
Children’s and youth ministry are VERY important to the church. Actually, that isn’t exactly what the research is saying. Children’s and youth ministry are VERY important to a family deciding which church to attend. Yup, that’s more accurate. Know this – when someone walks through the door on a Sunday morning they are looking for a safe environment for their children. They’re looking for a vibrant youth ministry. They’re looking for spiritual partners in helping raise their kids. If you don’t have one or give it a low priority/visibility, it will show up in who does or doesn’t stick.

One aside: this was #4 on the list of “most important when choosing a church” including plenty of people who didn’t have kids/teenagers at all and those with children long out of the house. Makes me think this one would be even MORE important for those specifically in this life stage.

Youth ministry application: You are an incredibly important part of your church. It might not show up in a ton of affirmation, perks or even understanding, but you are. Youth ministry is one of the key reasons that people choose your church. So make it great. Stick it out through the tough times. Make it better. Always remember the importance of what you do and your calling.


Josh Griffin


3 responses to The 10 Reasons People Attend Church: #4

  1. “They’re looking for spiritual partners in helping raise their kids.”

    Sadly, it should read:

    “They’re looking for a church to raise their kids.”

  2. Josh – I’m loving this series of posts – thanks so much for sharing all of these with us!

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