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Spring Teaching Calendar in HSM

 —  March 16, 2011 — 3 Comments

During staff meeting today Pastor Rick asked us to make some changes to our student ministry teaching calendar – namely to drop in a 3-week series about parents. He is going to do a series in the adult services called “How to Raise Your Kids” and asked us to do a “How to Raise Your Parents” series at the same time. Should be fun!

Here’s how the rest of our High School Ministry (HSM) teaching calendar shaped up for this Spring:

You Own the Weekend: El Toro
You Own the Weekend: Capo

You Own the Weekend Celebration
Jesus: His Life
Jesus: His Last Days

Camp Weekend
How to Raise Your Parents (all-church series)
How to Raise Your Parents
How to Raise Your Parents

Senior Weekend
Promotion Weekend


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Spring Teaching Calendar in HSM

  1. Would be interested to know how you “roll with the punches” and also how you know when you can give pushback on a pastoral idea and when the hill isn’t worth dying on :-)

  2. I’d be happy to … though RW told me yesterday that he reads my Twitter/blog … so I have to be careful! Hahahahah … JG

  3. of all the people, I think you could do it with the most tact. Perhaps include Rick with a blurb on how he likes to be confronted? and if you fail, I have my resume all polished up and ready to go. :-)

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