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Small Group Statistics 2010-2011

 —  September 23, 2010 — 3 Comments

You might remember back in November when I posted our small group statistics for the year – it proved to be a post that got a ton of views and interest. Here’s our percentages so far as we get ready to launch the Life Group year in our youth ministry:

  • Girls: 57%
  • Guys: 43%
  • Freshman: 26%
  • Sophomores: 27%
  • Juniors: 25%
  • Seniors: 22%
  • Largest percentage from a single school: 21%

What do the numbers mean? Well … here are a few thoughts:

  • There are more girls in small groups than guys. This is typical for us the past few years that we have data.
  • We have work to do to reach more guys and help them become spiritual leaders.
  • I’m pumped about the percentages across the classes. The nearly even spread was surprising!
  • Holding on to a high percentage of seniors is really important. This is a significant increase from last year!


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Small Group Statistics 2010-2011

  1. What percentage of students that come on the weekend are part of a small group?

    Are there any percentages of students who do not come on the weekend but are part of small groups?

    If you don’t have that information that’s fine, just wondering… We are having an issue transitioning students from the weekend into small groups. Maybe I should try LIVE and it wont be a problem anymore…

  2. Small groups for us have been a work in progress for the last 4-5 years. Our first year, my wife and i were the only small group leaders we had with a total of about 9 students for the summer. We have made changes over the years and even put them to rest for a season. Last year we brought them back as “breakout groups” (which means to make ready for action). There was a lot more vision/purpose/goals behind them than before and we met during our regular youth service every other week. We found that some students would skip those nights, while others like them more than the large group nights. So this year we sent them into the homes as we planned when we started them back up last year. Over all we have 65% of our students who attend our midweek in small groups. AND THEY ARE AS PUMPED ABOUT THEM AS MY LEADERS AND I ARE!

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