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Questions, Questions, Questions!

Neely McQueen —  June 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

This weekend we did a Sunday devoted to student’s questions! Silly and serious questions were welcomed. I thought I would share the questions that came from both our Junior High and High School students. I wouldn’t be surprised if your students had very similar questions! It was a fun weekend and made for some great conversations!

From Junior High:

In your opinion what is the ideal age to date?

How far is “to far” in a dating relationship?

When your parents tell you not to go to church should you go anyway?

How many times a month do you go to Yogurtland?

Is Hell a REAL physical place?

Can Satan hear our thoughts?

Coke or Pepsi?

Did you do well in school?

Are dinosaurs in the Bible?

Can you have faith without works?

Will there be animals in Heaven?

Do you take a Sabbath (rest) day?

Should Christians date non-Christians?

Did God create life in other galaxies?

What’s your favorite restaurant?

What are your thoughts on Bikini’s?

When did you meet God?

Is attending church important? Why?

If you had to spend 10 million dollars in one day or lose it all what would you do with it?

How do you spend time with God?

From High School:

Why don’t miracles happen as much today?
How much money is “enough” money?
What existed before the Bible?
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
Did Jesus have siblings?
Who would win…Iron Man or Thor?
Is there REALLY a Hell?
Explain WOMEN…
Why is church on Sunday?
What kind of car do you own?
Is attending church important?
What’s your biggest desire in life?
Do you take a Sabbath (rest) day?
Should Christians date non-Christians?
What spectacular thing has God done in your life?
Can you be a bi- or Homosexual and still be a Christian?
If you’ve never heard the gospel but you are a good person, do you go to Heaven?
I’m heading to college this Fall, what is the biggest challenge for incoming students you’ve seen?
What is the best piece of dating/relationship advice you can get from the Bible?
If Jesus was fully God and fully man, was he attracted to woman?
Did all people who died before Jesus time go to Hell?
What was the toughest age for you?
If God does not permit murder, why does he condone war?


Neely McQueen


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