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POLL: Youth Ministry Internships

 —  February 1, 2012 — 6 Comments

This week’s poll question asks about internship opportunities at your church. Just a few years ago opportunities were few and far between – seems like now there are a TON of places to get your first experience in youth ministry. Curious if you have interns in your setting, too!


Josh Griffin


6 responses to POLL: Youth Ministry Internships

  1. I would be interested in knowing how many offer paid internships and how many dont?

  2. That sounds like next week’s poll!

  3. I am speaking from the position of a summer intern and if it wasn’t for that internship my passion for youth ministry would not be what it is today. Please don’t miss the chance to grow a college student by challenging them with a youth internship paid or not.

  4. Great point Cooper. My thoughts/worries etc. with Interns, especially in small to medium sized youth groups, if we are mentoring/discipling adult volunteers and student leadership teams we shouldn’t “need” interns. As a matter of fact I treat my High School Jrs and Srs as if they were Interns, they just don’t show up every day asking me what the have to do, they come by a couple times a week to see what the ministry needs done.

  5. Our youth ministry has typically done internships in two ways…both unpaid. The first is for high school students in their co-operative education program (where they earn credits by working instead of in a classroom). The second is for Bible college students who need to do an internship as a requirement for graduation.

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