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POLL: When to do Promotion?

 —  June 25, 2012 — 5 Comments

Had a youth worker last week suggest this poll idea (sorry I misplaced your email – argh!) about promotion in your youth ministry. Do you promote students at the beginning of summer or at the start of a new school year? I’ve worked in ministries on both sides of the question – curious if there is a clear winner in our community here. Vote now!


Josh Griffin


5 responses to POLL: When to do Promotion?

  1. We promote INTO student ministry at the beginning of summer, but our summer student ministry is way more laid back. Our main midweek program stops, as do small groups, and we do more relational hang out stuff to build relationships leading into the school year.
    But, we don’t promote OUT OF kids/preteen ministry until August. So, we’re a little bit of both.

  2. We promoted at Senior Camp. Freshmen came in (camp was a great place for “initiation” when getting wet or slimed didn’t matter) and big honors to Seniors leaving.

    Came back and with the Sunday service after camp with old were honored and new brought in. Usually around the first week in August so that seniors still had “going away” parties for off to college and a month to hang with the newbies coming in from the jr hi ministries.

  3. we consider our graduated senior a part of Student ministry until after camp (mid-July) but we don’t promote or include incoming 6th graders until the week before school starts.

    since you said you’ve been on both sides, Josh, what does Saddleback do?

  4. We promote graduated seniors out the 2nd week of June and bring in the freshman the 3rd week of June. That is the last week of school out here in CA, it has worked really well for us though we do allow seniors to stay on through the summer if they would like, and for the first time this year graduated seniors can also attend camp. Working pretty well for us – seems like the poll is split about 50/50 right now! JG

  5. Micah Simoneaux June 30, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    We promote into student ministry the last Sunday in June. This started because the multi church summer camps we attend have those that are going into the 7th grade attend the student camp and not the preteen camp. Makes a good initiation trip lol. The kids graduating in look forward to it all spring semester.

    Students graduate out at the end of the summer. This allows them to create some mentorship relationships with the students coming in.

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