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POLL: The Perfect Series Length

 —  February 4, 2013 — 5 Comments

This week’s poll question comes from Ronald Long: What is the perfect length for a youth group teaching series? Would love to know your answer on an objective level, obviously the answer could vary greatly based on calendar, schedule and particular topic. In our ministry, we’ve recently been in the 3-week range right now – curious to what you think is best, too. Vote now!


Josh Griffin


5 responses to POLL: The Perfect Series Length

  1. I do a 3 week arc, because we are in the Adult service 1 week each month. So on months with 5 weeks we will run a 4 week arc. But I prefer 3 weeks, it keeps things fresh

  2. I’ve been all over. We have had a three month series (not the best choice) and done as few as four weeks. I’ve never been a “one shot” guy and maybe I should try it to break out of my mold a bit. I’m thinking four weeks would be a better goal for me. I need to say less more effectively!

  3. We go back and forth between a book study series and a topical series. The topical series tend to be 4 to 6 weeks while the book studies are anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks. There’s no perfect length. As long as your changing it up and keeping it fresh it’ll stick!

  4. We typically keep it around 4-6 weeks, and we’ll throw in a “one-off” a lot of times in-between the series or after a bigger event…

    Whether our series are a book study or topical is often based on where the church is at (vision, direction, emphasis, etc), what the season of the year is (i.e. feb is an easy time for relationship series, etc), and what’s happening around our community (schools, etc).

  5. I dig two-parters. While I’ve also done a lot of trilogies so that we have one theme for each month (with a 4th week being an event or missions opportunity), not every topic is engaging for every teen and I like to free up a week for a topical one off that might touch upon a trend or relevant world issue.

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