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POLL: The Importance of Your Denomination

 —  April 9, 2013 — 2 Comments

Had an interesting conversation with a youth worker this week about the pain of leaving his denomination over some issues they are taking different sides on. Made me think about my own allegiances, my upbringing and the state of denominations and youth workers. Inspired this week’s poll – vote now!


Josh Griffin


2 responses to POLL: The Importance of Your Denomination

  1. These are really interesting results. Some that I thought would be lower are higher than I expected and the opposite is also true.

    I personally love my denomination and believe what they hold true. For me I could move to another denomination if they held true to the same beliefs I had and just do things a little differently. That is why I checked “sometimes it matters sometimes it doesn’t”

  2. I believe in one denomination and that is the body of Christ, anything that would seek to divide God’s people is not something I can hitch my philosophical wagon to. That said I attend a church… it has a denomination, and I get that there are doctrinal differences but after attending , being educated at, and serving at 5 different Christian denominational establishments I have come to the conclusion that when doctrine is lived out the greatest difference is who lets you dance and who doesn’t and somehow things like this have overshadowed our ability to worshipas one church under Jesus… Sounds more like a DEMONination to me.

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