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POLL: Teaching About Sex in Youth Group

 —  January 25, 2010 — 8 Comments

It has been a while since we talked about sex directly in HSM. Last year we did a series called “They Kind of Guy I Want My Daughter to Marry” and “The Kind of Girl I Want My Son to Marry” which was really fun, this year we’re going all out with a new series we’re kicking off this weekend called … The Sex Series.


Josh Griffin


8 responses to POLL: Teaching About Sex in Youth Group

  1. Did you guys do 2 separate series at 2 different times last year or did you do just one series last year on sex?

  2. I’ve been thinking through some philosophy of ministry stuff lately as far as roles goes. Not gender roles but the role of youth ministry and parents. I’ve always viewed ym as a supplement to what parents are (hopefully) doing at home. Where I’ve landed for now is that sex etc. is behavior ie dress, image, action, desire, lust… rooted in something deeper. To address action is to address the top part of the iceberg leaving the huge understand of world view, and ultimately the lordship of Christ below the surface. So my question in talking about sex is how do we equip parents to address issues like that?

  3. @andrew We didn’t do a sex series last year – we just did the 2-weeks “kind of person I want my kid to marry” series. We always combine sexes for weekend services and separate the genders for small groups.

  4. @Dave great thoughts – we do need to do a better job of parent ministry – that is one of my late 2010 goals. We’re going to emphasize equipping parents a lot more in the near future. Good stuff! JG

  5. We do a dedicated series about once a year, but I put “once a month” because I try to regularly address the issue from up front in little ways so the church isn’t silent on the issue. I hate to shamelessly plug things, but I blogged a little about this thought: http://juniorhighministry.blogspot.com/2009/12/things-we-dont-talk-about.html
    @Dave – totally agree about parents and have been working on creating not just programs that can equip parents, but a total culture of partnering with parents.

  6. I find myself talking every couple of weeks or so with my girls in non-official small group settings, i.e. walking around the lake, baking cookies, driving them home from official small group. They seem more willing to engage when they don’t have to look me in the eye — in fact, they are almost exclusively the ones who bring up the topic!

  7. It comes up a lot in smaller settings, but direct teaching is once a year… usually during February… how stereotypical is that?

    Starting this Sunday in fact… “Goin All The Way”… adapted from LifeChurch.tv

  8. Preaching the Gospel, with the emphasis on being centered on the person and works of Christ, pretty much solves the sex issue. The more talk about sex, and the more you prohibit it… the more you well up the desire in them to be curious by it. Romans 5, 6, & 7.
    Anything outside the Gospel only treats the symptoms not the heart of the matter and that is they are a sinner in need of a savior. The doctrine is practical and the practical is doctrinal.
    Grace and Peace

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