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POLL: Small Group Leaders Serving at Youth Group Gatherings

 —  April 18, 2012 — 8 Comments

Quick poll this week asking if your volunteers who serve in Small Groups also serve in your weekly youth group gatherings! In our high school ministry they are completely separate commitments, but we do have some that choose to serve at both (and we are eternally grateful for them!). How about you? Seems like most of the youth pastors I’ve talked to recently have asked for commitments to both the small group and the large group and would be interested to know what you do, and if you’re willing, explain why in the comments. Vote now!


Josh Griffin


8 responses to POLL: Small Group Leaders Serving at Youth Group Gatherings

  1. We only have one gathering a week where we combine Large Group and Small Groups, therefore, they are one in the same!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results, I’ve been wondering about this a ton. Our ministry is the same; large-group and small groups are separate commitments. It’s helped us gain a lot more leaders who can do one but not both, but I’ve found one difficulty is that it’s hard to be one unified team.

  3. Large group and small group happen on the same night as part of the same program so yes they serve in both.

  4. Since youth ministry is about relationships, we ask our leaders to serve in both (we have a few that don’t but almost everyone does) so they can be with their kids. It also helps in that our students know the leaders at a large group event well enough to pull them aside to talk if there’s something going on in their lives that can’t wait until small groups or even a separate phone call.

  5. We’re the same as Rich here… we ask for both, and most people are. There are the rare exceptions where people can’t, and we work with them to live out their passions. Living in relationship is hard when it’s split, so we ask a lot and are honest about it from the beginning.

    It’s been successful for us in the definition of relationship building with students and seeing lives changed… it’s not been a successful marketing tool for a first serving opportunity.

    I hope more comments are left so we can get a good gauge of what? and why?

  6. The ones who come on Sunday add a ton of energy and relational connection to our Large Group program, but their primary commitment is to Wednesday night small groups. I often have to remind myself that coming to large group doesn’t make a small group leader better, it usually just means they’re a 20 year old with more dispensable time, and I’m thankful for it :) Our weekly small group attendance is typically larger than our large group gatherings – probably an indictment on our weekend services more than anything – we’re working on it.

  7. When I started here a year ago, they were the same, but it wasn’t healthy. I tried to structure small groups like a community group type set up, rather than, “break into groups of 5 and talk about this stuff,” so we could build more community. I didn’t realize a lot of things, but long story short, next year we will go to small group leaders having no expectation at being part of our large group event (which meets middle of the week). Small groups meet during the week as well, since we don’t have anywhere to do stuff on Sunday mornings. Expecting them to be invested 1-2 hours two nights a week, as well as being in community with other adults AND have healthy relationships was just too much.

  8. We do small groups on Sunday mornings and prefer those leaders to be focused on that setting although some also help on Wednesday nights where we do worship, a message, and then discussion groups over the sermon. about half of our volunteers who participate in both, help with discussion groups different than their Sunday Small Groups. For example, my 8th grade small group leader (Sunday), does the 6th grade boys discussion groups (Wednesday). Preferably most of our Wednesday night staff is in their own small group on Sunday morning.

    I love the heart of the volunteer who wants to serve the youth whenever possible, but this can lead to burn out and hindering their own spiritual growth if we don’t encourage them to take a break, go to their own adult small group, see their family, etc.

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