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POLL: Sermon Preparation Location

 —  November 29, 2012 — 5 Comments

Curious in this week’s poll – where do you do your best sermon preparation? Vote in today’s poll!


Josh Griffin


5 responses to POLL: Sermon Preparation Location

  1. About three months ago, a little independent coffee shop opened up about a half-a-mile away from my office. That little coffee shop has literally become my new office. I get more done there, and I’ve done the time logs to prove it.

    (Also: The coffee that they make at the church office is terrible.)

  2. The church office is the WORST place to study for me. Drop-in’s, unplanned meetings, and staff walking in and out to shoot the crap. I’ve got two kids under three at home (I can never study there). Coffee shop is it for me.

  3. I do my best sermon prep at home. Typically best right after my wife goes to sleep for an hour or two.(10-12pm) I do it all over the place and often at the church office, but I share an office with our Worship and Family Ministries guys so it gets loud!

  4. I said at home because me messages usually hit me in the shower. My lead pastor is the same way. We are currently trying to develop a way to write things down in the shower and preserve them. Gonna be rich if we can ever do it!

  5. Two words: Panera Bread

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