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POLL: On-Campus Ministry

 —  September 18, 2012 — 5 Comments

I’ve been spending more time on high school campuses as we kick off fall (hey, it is football season what can I say?). Made me think of a poll question to get the pulse on youth workers – how much are you on campus? I realize the openness of school varies greatly, but eager to see what you’re ministry there looks like. Vote now!


Josh Griffin


5 responses to POLL: On-Campus Ministry

  1. 2/3 of our High Schools now have what they call “closed campus” which means guest passes are no longer available and we are not allowed to visit our students on campus. So instead I go to games and band concerts.

  2. Our local school board, have “closed campus'” as well. Its quite difficult, they don’t even like any presence, however we are allowed to games

  3. The best thing I ever did was get a job (you could volunteer) at a middle school after school program. I met kids and got to minister to kids who were very different than the ones that were in church and also some of the same ones! :) After school programs are alwasy looking for volunteers.

  4. I am on our High School campus every weekday. Last year, I was given opportunity to serve as the Chaplain for the varsity football team. They have since told me I could never leave :) This has opened other doors at the school. I lead team devotions for the basketball teams, baseball team, and the wrestling team. Every Friday morning, I am blessed to lead a devotion with any of the coaches who wish to attend. We usually have 15 to 20 coaches there. The school has proven to be a tremendous mission field. Last year, we saw 16 students receive Christ, and so far this year, we have had 12 football players & 1 coach receive Christ, along with 13 re-dedications! I am thankful that God allows me to minister at this school, it is a true blessing!

  5. I am now a full time Campus Ministry Director paid by one church, representing over 50 churches to the thirlargest high school in Ohio. Yes, they are closed off. However, this campus is a huge mission field with ministry opportunities that have not been available at any other school I have been at in 12 years of youth ministry. All of this to say, there are opportunities to be involved in schools, even if they are a closed campus. The opportunities are unique and unexpected but are present. I encourage you to seek them out. Initial opportunities also open the door to bigger opportunities. PTL for youth workers involved in their schools!

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