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POLL: December Pace

 —  December 10, 2012 — 6 Comments

This week’s poll is a question about the pace of December for your youth ministry. In talking with some visiting youth workers recently it seems like the month of December was one of the craziest months of the year – then in talking to another on the phone this week it sounded like for them it was super slow and a great change of pace. Those conversations inspired the poll question this week:

What is the pace of December like for you?


Josh Griffin


6 responses to POLL: December Pace

  1. The December pace definitely is a sprint; however, it’s followed by an abrupt stop. It’s kind of like hitting a wall. Then when we hit mid January the pace begins to pick up as Easter quickly approaches.

  2. In past years I have gone full out towards Christmas, this year I decided to slow down the pace and take my time. Hoping it will pay off dividends through, planning, scheduling and learning.

  3. Our pace sounds like Chris’s. I voted “speed up” because we push hard the first three weeks of December to finish the semester well, and then break until Mid-January. So I’d say December 1-19 is speed up.

  4. First two weeks of December are nuts, then it slows down quite nicely for our youth ministry.

    The rest of the church sprints all the way through the Eve.

  5. For our ministry we have found that when we intentionally slow down in December it pays off in some great dividend.

    1. It allows students to spend more time with their families. (who in December are scheduled to the max anyway)

    2. It allows us time to celebrate our last semester and pour into our leaders.

    3. It allows us to plant our feet and get ready for next semester.

  6. First Sunday is normal
    Second Sunday is movie and dessert (lots of little Debbie Christmas tree cakes and gallons of ice cream)
    Third Sunday is annual youth group Christmas party/outreach night
    Fourth Sunday is Christmas at the Hut – we invade pizza hut
    Last Sunday – no youth group – volunteer appreciation day

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