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POLL: Background Checks for Volunteers

 —  September 5, 2011 — 7 Comments

We’re heading into fall … which means a ton of new volunteers are going to be needed to help with your youth ministry. What a great time! Now … this is a must in today’s culture – have all of them been background checked? This is a non-negotiable for us – vote in today’s poll where your ministry fits in!


UPDATE: The gang over at Simply Youth Ministry told me that SYMTools has a great solution for the youth ministry that doesn’t have background checks yet. Be sure to check out their TEAM online volunteer software – might just be perfect fit!

Josh Griffin


7 responses to POLL: Background Checks for Volunteers

  1. It’s a legal requirement here in Australia, not sure about the US

  2. It’s not for churches in the US. pretty strong separation of church and state… don’t have to do a background check, but do have to be a mandated reporter if you suspect anything.

  3. Our church pulls background checks regularly. I also had to pass a background check for my current job, so at this point, if there was anything to be found, it would have been found by now. :-D

  4. Have you seen the BRAND NEW Simply Youth Ministry “Team” Tool?
    It is a sweet resource to help you recruit, approve, and train your team.

    Check it out for 30 days, for FREE at http://SimplyYouthMinistryTOOLS.com It is the TEAM Tool!

  5. Jon/Matt: While there is no law (that I know of) that mandates background checks on church volunteers, churches who do not run background checks on volunteers who work with minors leave themselves wide-open to lawsuits…the term is “gross negligence.” To keep this comment short, I’ll just say it’s wise to run your policies on background checks and volunteer screening by a lawyer for advice and input.

    We use Secure Search (http://www.securesearchpro.com) to do background checks and really like them. Word to the wise: not all background screenings/companies are the same. Some search convictions at the county level, some don’t. It’s a good idea to ask companies who do screenings exactly what kind of information they get, what info they don’t get and what they do if an applicant is from a city/county/state where it’s difficult/impossible to get conviction information online.

    I’m definitely interested in SYM’s new Team tool and will check it out.

  6. Most worldwide cases are not evaluated through online as searching criminal records became a key factor of a background check (http://www.background-check.us.com/) investigation.

  7. I would never of thought that ministry volunteers would or should have background checks done on them. But then again if working with children I think it would be a must. But how do we parents know. I didn’t really think about this till I came across this article. So should I be asking the office people if they do conduct background checks on their employee’s and volunteers. Something to think about and wonder that’s for sure. I would never have thought about it because it’s a church it’s a place of love and healing and caring for one another. But even more of a reason to find out.


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