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Pastoral Care Pamphlets Topic List

 —  August 13, 2010 — 5 Comments

Quite a few emails and comments from people this summer about the new self-service Pastoral Care brochure racks we launched for our High School Ministry. Honestly, it has taken a whole lot longer to produce each brochure than we originally thought, and they’ve gone a lot faster than I expected – so it’s been totally worth it. Anyhow, some youth workers were recently asking about publishing a topic list of the different pamphlets, so here’s the list of ideas as of today. I wish we could have done them all, but some ideas had to get cut and only a few are [done].

Pastoral Care Issues
1. Relationships, Dating [done]
2. Sexual Temptations/Porn [done]
3. Identity/Value/Worth [done]
4. Bullies
5. Anger
6. Peer Pressure
7. Insecurity
8. Loneliness
9. Marriage/Divorce
10. Death
11. Feeling Lost/Purposeless
12. Unplanned Pregnancy/Abortion [done]
13. Gender Issues
14. Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse
15. Addiction
16. Parents
17. Eating Disorders [done]
18. Academic Problems
19. Stress
20. Depression
21. Homosexuality [done]
22. Cutting [done]
23. Grief [done]
24. Forgiveness
25. Suicide [done]
26. Stealing

Christian Life
1. Habits
2. Following Jesus [done]
3. Salvation
4. Serving
6. Purposes [done]
7. What It Means to be a Christian
8. Baptism [done]
9. Communion [done]
10. Small Groups
11. How to Get Connected
12. M Video Games/M Music/R Movies

13. Alcohol/Drugs [done]
14. How To Grow/A Few Ways to Grow

1. The Bible [done]
2. God [done]
3. Heaven/Hell [done]
4. Is Jesus the Only Way [done]
5. Theology Terms
6. Environment [done]
7. Humanity
8. Sin

HSM General/Funny
1. Snuggies
2. Fun In the Refinery
3. HSM Insider Terms
4. Ninjas
5. Star Wars
6. Pirates vs. Ninjas

7. Fashion Don’ts [done]

What are we missing? Leave a comment!


Josh Griffin


5 responses to Pastoral Care Pamphlets Topic List

  1. Hey Josh,

    I can understand having to cut certain topics but why would you cut out sin? I think its necessary to engage youth on that issue… just wondering…

  2. @Dave – I think it is an important topic, too, and honestly, we’ll hope to bring most all of the “cut” ones back at some point in the future. The clearest reason is that I think that 4-5 of the other pamphlets will/do really hit hard on sin, so we felt that a specific one could be cut right now. JG

  3. Michael Spector August 16, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Josh, im really new to your blog, but i saw the pastor care pamphlets and thought that it is an AMAZING idea. Is it possible to get a hold of those and do the same thing? Thanks!

  4. One suggestion: How to find a good church. I remember when I went away to college I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about doing so.

  5. Could you guys email or mail one of each to me??

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