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Open House and Day of Prayer for Students Heading Off to College

 —  August 14, 2011 — 1 Comment

Had a neighbor invite our family over to an open house for their daughter today – this was her last weekend in Saddleback’s high school youth group and she is heading off to college this very week. The family is so great and it was awesome hanging out with them, they loved our kids and it is always great being in someone’s home.

They had balloons and cake and pretty much what you would expect at something like this, but it went beyond a traditional open house. In fact, they called it an Open House and Day of Prayer.

How cool is that? They invited their friends and family to drop in at any point in the afternoon and eat, laugh and pray over their daughter. They asked people for wisdom on making the big transition from high school to college life. They shared some stories and memories as well.

I just thought it was a next-level rite of passage. Not just your typical give-me-a-card-with-money-in-it kind of thing – it was really something special, something very spiritual as well. I think I just found an idea I’m going to steal for my kids someday. Thought maybe you could, too!


Josh Griffin


One response to Open House and Day of Prayer for Students Heading Off to College

  1. LOVE IT!! This is how we handle ‘senior Sunday’ at church, but I love the personal/rite-of-passage touch of making it personal and parent-based!!

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