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My Leadership Pillars

 —  March 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

When Kurt came up with the idea of Leadership Pillars – I honestly hadn’t thought about it much. As I processed some key things that I value or repeat as a leader, these 4 things rose to the top:

Build fun into everything
I love to have fun! I don’t think it is just my personality, I think everyone enjoys a good time. I want people around me to enjoy their interaction and time with me – it doesn’t mean I’ll always be happy or I’ll avoid a tough conversation – what I do hope it means is that in a typical day we’ll laugh and play together as we serve God.

It also means that when we gather as a small group, we’ll spend half of the night killing it, the other half in the Word. It means that when we gather as a large group, we’ll laugh as God’s truth goes down. Let’s have some fun.

Lead with optimism
My leadership style lends itself to seeing a future of what could be, not necessarily the painful road of difficulty to get there. If you’re going to be around me very long, you’ll quickly realize I’m going to think of the end result first. I can still problem solve and understand the challenges of the real-world; I just prefer to see the future without cursing the roadblocks all day long.

The best idea wins
I love brainstorming – and no single person has an embargo on good ideas. Collaboration is my favorite word in the dictionary. Even if someone’s ideas aren’t the best – often a riff off of them or a trigger will bring about the best idea. I love to get people together and come up with ideas – it gives us a huge pile of ideas to choose from instead of one person in a lonely place of leadership hoping what they do is right or relevant. We can do it. Together.

Conflict leads to peace
Difficult conversations need to happen – if they don’t , something small will inevitably grow into something significant and potentially rectifying. I’ve led through this well, andI’ve led through this poorly. But I do know that a little conflict is good for everyone, painful as it is.

What are your leadership pillars?


Josh Griffin


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