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Ministry GPS: Course Corrections:

 —  November 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

I don’t own a GPS, one because I’m too prideful to admit that I might not know where I am going and two because my car does not possess and such fancy-pants technology . I may not have one, but my dad does and he loves it because it is really helpful to get him to where he wants to go, and even better it helps him to get back on track when he missed a turn or deviates from the course.

Its November and for many of us, we had high hopes of what the year was going to look like, grand plans for new initiatives and excitement about what God was going to do this year. If you are anything like me, I had some goals and initiatives that were going to happen this fall and while many of them of have taken flight, others have not. The good news is, its only November and there is plenty of time to make the changes necessary and this is why I am asking myself a few questions this week:

1 – What direction were we supposed to be heading? It seems obvious, that if you don’t know where you are headed, its hard to tell you are lost. Thinking back to the meetings we had with students and leaders in the summer,where did we say we were going and what did we say we were going to start? What elements, events, opportunities did we have on our list as action intems this year? Which of those have we started, which have we not? While evaluating that, its important to first consider where God is leading you 2 months in and perhaps He is leading you in a totally different direction and perhaps that idea we never got off the ground is best left on the shelf for the season.

2 – How did we get off course? It could have been a lack of time to implement all we had hoped to, a lack of resources or just too many great ideas. There are all sorts of reasons that an idea might not have happened, but the question is now is: Should it have? If the answer is yes, then its time to figure out how. Distractions are abound in ministry and sometimes well meaning youth workers often meander and stray from what they are called to do, luckily its still not too late. At this time you can take a moment and lament if you must, but its time to shift gears and get things moving.

3 – How do we get back?  By November you are probably starting to see who you shining star leaders are, and perhaps one of them could be the one to help you help you get back on course with where the year was supposed to be heading. Empowering leaders to take on part of the ministry is a game changer and getting back on track might mean giving responsibility and authority to a member of your team. Getting back on track also may require a re-statement of vision, helping your volunteers and if necessary, students to help them understand the purpose and mission of the group.

The year has only begun and its not too late to get things back on track, these mid-season adjustments are a part of the life of a youth pastor. So embrace this opportunity to remind yourself of what God is calling your ministry to do this school year.

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Geoff Stewart


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