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Life Group Discipleship Classes Started Tonight

 —  March 9, 2011 — 2 Comments

This week we started a new experiment with our small groups – Life Group discipleship classes as an option for groups to attend together.

Now, we love what is happening in homes and relationally with leaders, but as we thought about areas where we’re hoping to improve, the topic of foundational doctrine and theology showed up pretty strong. HSM has been moving toward balanced health for several years now, and discipleship has always been on our radar but we thought we might be entering a phase were we needed to give it an extra emphasis. We don’t typically offer a ton of classes, we depend on the weekend service, small groups (we use the LIVE curriculum) and encourage students to grow on their own with all sorts of Bible studies, books and tools.

Ryanne had the idea to offer up some discipleship classes specifally for Life Groups. They attend with their adult volunteer leader and sit around tables listening to a master-teacher (for this 4-week session we asked our adult teaching pastor Tom Holladay) to teach the lesson. He teaches for 45minutes to an hour on a particular subject like the authority of the Bible or End Tiems, then leaves them to have a time of guided questions and discussion.

  • We thought it would help groups who are strong relationally but need help on the teaching side
  • We desire for all of our students to be firmly grounded in their faith
  • It would also make for a geat change of pace this time of year

So, this Tuesday/Wednesday night (both of the nights we offer Life Groups we wanted to offer these classes) were the first of our 4-week experiment to see if there would be interest. We had an incredible turnout … might be on to something here.


Josh Griffin


2 responses to Life Group Discipleship Classes Started Tonight

  1. We loved it! But it was somewhat of a letdown that the study wasn’t on the advertised topic of Revelation. My girls are end-times hungry, and who better to teach it than Pastor Tom?

  2. It is coming … Tom wanted to start with a couple lessons before we dig into Revelation. It is coming, I promise!

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