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Let’s Talk About Youth Ministry – Help…I’m New In Youth Ministry!

 —  February 6, 2014 — 2 Comments

This week we talk about being new in youth ministry-whether that’s getting a job in youth ministry with no prior experience, or being an intern. Also, Kurt shares 3 things he looks for when hiring a new youth worker. He also wears the distracting garment of wisdom! haha Check it out!


Hope it helps

kurt & ac

Aaron Crumbey

Aaron Crumbey

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Aaron Crumbey oversees Pastoral Care for the high school ministry at Saddleback Church. He cares deeply about sharing Christ with students and seeing them reach their full potential in Christ. He's married with three children, loves family time, sports, movies and all things musical among some other things. He also runs www.yoacblog.com.

2 responses to Let’s Talk About Youth Ministry – Help…I’m New In Youth Ministry!

  1. Of Kurt’s 3 P’s I definitely agree the the first two – passion & people skills (although I might disagree as to what passion looks like) but do have some questions about the third one – performance. How would this apply to a small rural church ministry when they are hiring someone who maybe has little or no experience? Leaders from larger multi-staff churches are able to look for and hire people with lots of prior experience (in or outside of youth ministry) but for many smaller churches this may not necessarily be an option for them. My other question relates to how a person defines “successful” past performance? Having been the youth pastor at the same rural church for the past 24 yrs and working with and mentoring other youth pastors and leaders, one of the things I always talk about is what “success” is and what it isn’t. It’s easy to look at the size of the youth ministry and events as an indicator of success, or in this case as positive past performance. It’s much more difficult, on the other hand, to gauge the spiritual impact that a person has in the lives of those he or she is ministering, which in my opinion may be the more important question.

    • Kurt Johnston

      Great thoughts, Steve!
      I agree that measuring performance is tough…especially in the circumstance you described. In fact, in that situation it may not really be possible. I’m not sure these all apply, or even make sense as I’m just thinking out loud, but maybe there are some sort of indicators that would give you a hint into potential performance such as:
      – prior employment (similar to AC’s situation)
      – grades at school might be an indicator
      – reputation among peers and others as reliable, trustworthy, etc.

      But I think you are correct in assessing that sometimes you can’t use performance as a barometer.

      Thanks for sharing!

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