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Keep Your Sanity This Year

 —  September 6, 2012 — 4 Comments

I don’t know about you, but there are seasons of ministry that could be best described as “frustration inducing”. They are often marked with little noticeable or measurable progress on any front, or worse regression. They can be filled with road blocks, bottle necks or perhaps landmines. I am in a bit of a season of that right now, as I wrote last week of being in the 15th month without a senior pastor and its been a tough road.

There is of course tons of you that are in a great season as well where you are loving life, things are happening, God is moving and you are just riding the wave. Despite what seems like success now, can I encourage you to have a hobby, an interest, a passion outside of your calling to youth ministry? When I love something, I just want more of it, which would likely explain why I am a touch overweight, but also why I tend to work crazy hours. I love my job;  I am so blessed to do it, but there has to be more to my life than just this.

When everything is about your ministry, your life begins to ebb and flow with it, your energy, your emotions and relationships can be dictated by your work. Having interests outside of youth ministry at my church has been a life savers. Those interests allow me to experience tangible results of my work and sometimes allow me to use a totally different part of my brain and often utilize a different skill set than I do at work. It could be playing a sport, vacuuming, cross stitch, bocce ball, cave spelunking, underwater basket weaving, the sky is really the limit. The point is, as you begin the ministry season remember to prioritize making time for activities that are far removed from your work.

Rest is good, find something that brings you life and it will go a long way to helping you finish the year strong this ministry season.

-Geoff (Twitter) 

Geoff Stewart


4 responses to Keep Your Sanity This Year

  1. Road Cycling will keep you sane, in shape and provides a great lengthy time to prayer.

  2. Road cycling is a great way to stay in shape de-stress and provides a long time for prayer is you need it.

  3. I have recently started to train for a triathlon, or marathon(we will see how my training unfolds) The time on a bike,or run has really provided me “a breath of fresh air” (pun intended) I get some great praying and thinking done during this time.

    I wish I had a lazier one, but I too found it caused me to pack on “a few pounds” past my prime.

    I think its also great to find people outside of church to do these activities with as well. They don’t care about your job like you do and people from your church do, so it forces you to have an external place to go to decompress.

  4. Seeing this at the perfect time. Thanks!

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