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Is it anger or depression?

Neely McQueen —  August 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Read an interesting article today about the rise in depression among teen age girls. The author was asking is it possible that depression is actually anger that manifests itself in similar fashion as depression:

Being a girl under constant pressure can lead to anger, and, according to Carol Tavris, Ph.D., author ofAnger: The Misunderstood Emotion, “Anger externalized can turn into violence and aggression; anger internalized can cause depression, health problems and communication difficulties.” Perhaps turning the anger inward is an attempt to retain some semblance of power and control.

The article lists several things that could make a girl angry in our society- here’s the two that stood out the most to me:

Repeatedly processing the information that our culture thinks being you or like you
(a) Is the ultimate insult
. What girl hasn’t heard “cry like a girl,” “throw like a girl” or “scream like a girl?” 

(b) Means you’re untrustworthy, catfighting and backstabbing (ie. Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl,Don’t Trust the Bitch…all of reality TV)


Knowing that you will never be perfect or good enough if you don’t try. Hearing that charities are paying for girls to change how they look in order to conform to the desires of others doesn’t help.

The whole article is worth a read- find it here.

I wonder how as the church we can be different for girls – a place where they find hope and healing from the broken world.

Neely McQueen


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