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“Instagram Hack” Youth Group Game

 —  December 14, 2012 — 11 Comments

This weekend we played another incredible game in our high school ministry – it was inspired by Facebook Hack (which if you haven’t ever seen, check it out here) from this past year and tied into the Instalife series perfectly: INSTA-HACK!

The game is simple – someone turns over control of their Instagram account to the host of the show, who is then given permission to do whatever they want in exchange for prizes. In this case we used the Wheel of Destiny to let it randomly choose what would happen. Some of the options included:

  • deleting 10 random friends
  • trolling someone’s profile (aka liking all of one person’s pictures)
  • posting a picture of another girl in the room and tagging it #newgirlfriend
  • $5 to Starbucks
  • become Instafamous – everyone in the room takes out their phone to follow them
  • Week-long hack – the phone stays logged in and randomly in the week we hack them again
  • … and many more!

We had previously hooked up an iPhone to our main screen using an Apple TV so the whole experience was sick and flawless technically, too. Oh and also painful … and hilarious. The students who played along were good sports and hosts were loving but ruthless. Another epic game we’ll for sure use in the future, too!


Josh Griffin


11 responses to “Instagram Hack” Youth Group Game

  1. It hurts so good! Another great game guys!

  2. This sounds awesome and we are planning to play this week. From the image above it looks like you have your graphics to the sides of the image of the phone you’ve mirrored on the Apple TV. We’ve never been able to get anything other than black to the sides. Yours looks incredibly cool though. How did you pull that off?

  3. Was there ever an answer to the above question about how the graphic got behind the app image on the ATV mirror? Hoping to use this game next week … looks fun! Thanks for the idea share.

  4. I wrote a post on my blog with all the resources. Hope it helps!


    • Jeremy Nelson March 5, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      Hey, your website is either down or no longer in use. I’d love to see that blog post on how to use AirServer to get the phone screen up on the projector. Anywhere I can find that or get some info on it?

  5. Parker, Parker …. Parker for President! Thanks mate.

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