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 —  December 14, 2010 — 4 Comments

The team made this sweet-but-simple bumper video this week as a bumper before the message.


Josh Griffin


4 responses to I

  1. Hey Josh,

    Before you get all of the “Christ in Christmas” comments, I thought I’d just ask. Clearly you guys made a decision to do the “xmas”. I’d be interested in hearing the thought process behind it, since it’s often a point of contention. I know you had some reasons, and would be interested in finding out how you came to the conclusion. Thanks man for sharing your resources like you guys do. I appreciate it.

  2. Ditto what Jason said.

  3. The “X” in “Xmas,” at least initially was an abbreviation for “Christ,” from the Greek word Christos that starts with “X” (or rather with Chi, if you want to be pedantic). I doubt many school students would know that, though.

  4. @Drew: I was interested if there was intent to teach that exact point as part of the teaching. Was just wondering the thought process.

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