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I Fought Darth Vader This Weekend at Youth Group

 —  September 13, 2010 — 11 Comments

One of my dreams come true – I got to make a little Star Wars film with some friends!

Here’s the setup: I “forgot” a prize for something on stage, so I run out of the auditorium on my way to find a suitable prize for the winner. The video starts when I leave the back of the room, and at the end I come running in with a box of donuts and a lightsaber. SO fun!


Josh Griffin


11 responses to I Fought Darth Vader This Weekend at Youth Group

  1. great idea . . . and what an acting job, I must say!

  2. What a riot. Love the fight scene!

  3. pure awesome! how the heck do you put a light saber in your video? this was seriously great!

  4. I was impressed by your leap over the table and the force your body produced to break the table.

  5. I fought Darth Vader for a video once … it didn’t go as well.

  6. Incredible!

  7. Haha – I love the parkour leap over the table!

  8. This really is your dream come true! Love it!

  9. Now you have to admit, college was fun but the best part was making movies ;)

  10. my favorite part is when you “pushed” Vader so hard his helmet flew off

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