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Hunger Games Summer Camp Promo Video

 —  April 16, 2012 — 10 Comments

Hilarious Hunger Games parody video the team made this week to promote HSM Summer Camp. One of my new favorites!


Josh Griffin


10 responses to Hunger Games Summer Camp Promo Video

  1. really, i’m sitting at my desk, literally laughing out loud.

  2. A shirtless JG always makes me laugh!

  3. DUDE! That was amazing! Very well told story. Hilarious parody. Loved how I kept getting the unexpected.

  4. I think JG likes to take his shirt off in these videos. It’s definitely not the first time I’ve seen that pasty chest! Hey Josh, you need to make these videos available in a generic format (without specific details to your church camp) so we can use them in our own student ministries. Hook a brotha up!

  5. Funny. . . I threw up a little in my mouth at exactly the same time she did!

  6. Bravo…..bravo…..nice touch to bring in the beagles.

  7. Hahahah … glad you all (especially @Walt) liked it! Still cracking me up … hahaha


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