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HSM’s Study Hall During Finals

 —  January 22, 2013 — 2 Comments


Trying out a new idea (we undoubtedly stole from someone else – ha!) this week in our High School Ministry – HSM’s Study Hall. We’ve converted a room to a study area during finals week and promoted it as a serious option to come study, hang with friends and eat some snacks. We provide the food, free wi-fi, a few volunteers that can jump in with some basic tutoring and the room!

Students have totally eaten it up and are taking it seriously – great place to get to know them relationally hanging out during breaks. Fun idea!


Josh Griffin


2 responses to HSM’s Study Hall During Finals

  1. We do this too. Found it helps to create an studying atmosphere that’s more like “college” than “high school.” Teenagers seem to like to act older than they are, which is why they like Starbucks and hate coffee.

  2. Love this idea. We do it too! We also open up the youth center during finals and standardized testing (we’re right next door to the high school) since they always seem to either get out early or get to show up late.

    We started scheduling adults for different subjects. One of our adults is a engineer, so if he could be there on Thursday, we’d make Thursday free math tutoring. Another adult speaks Spanish, French and Latin, so if she could be there on Mondays, we’d make Mondays free foreign language tutoring. Both the teens and the parents loved knowing the schedule.

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