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HSM’s Encourage Ministry: Sticky Notes Project

 —  October 26, 2012 — 7 Comments

A few weeks ago some of our student leaders created a ministry called “Encourage” who’s goal was very simply … to encourage other students. One of their first projects was leaving thank you notes on the office door of people who worked at the church. It is always nice to get thanked for serving and it was a great start. Their next project was MUCH bigger – putting sticky notes with a message of encouragement on the lockers of everyone in their high school. Some of the messages:

  • You can do it!
  • Thanks for being you
  • You matter
  • You are awesome
  • Smile!
  • Have a great day!
  • Try your hardest
  • You put the kind in mankind

And while the challenge was huge, they did it! And it sent ripples through the school and even the administration noticed the project and loved it. Not sure where the encourage ministry goes from here, but sure do love them thinking creatively and helping others be encouraged.


PS: How cool is this followup picture (edited to remove IDs) a couple of weeks later?

Josh Griffin


7 responses to HSM’s Encourage Ministry: Sticky Notes Project

  1. Love this idea! Did you communicate this with the school admin before hand?

    • We didnt. They just did it. The school administration loved the idea so much they called us to thank us and we have been invited back to a few events they put on. Pretty cool. Our student leaders did it all.

  2. Wow! LOVE this idea so much. And how cool is it that a kid still had his inside his locker weeks later! Who knows how many other kids this impacted? Cool stuff, guys.

  3. Wow, That’s awesome! Do mind if we do this here in some schools in Georgia?

  4. I am in agreement with everyone else. This is an amazing idea! How much of involvement was there on the Adult Leadership side of this?

    • Zach,
      We had little involvement. All we did was ask our student leaders to do something big for their schools. From there, our student leaders paired up with our Encourage ministry and they put this whole thing together!

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