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HSM Weekend in Review: Volume 169

 —  February 10, 2012 — 5 Comments

Weekend Teaching Series: The Book (church-wide campaign, week 2 of 6)
Sermon in a Sentence: Why the Bible was written.

Service Length: 75 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend my goal was to share about why the Bible was written – we talked about how it was written to equip and transform us as an instruction manual, love letter and to show us God’s love. It was once again a different style message – more about the Bible than anything else. Hannah Rich shared her testimony about how God changed her life through the Scripture as well.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This weekend we played a hilarious new game we called App Showdown: the app this week was Temple Run and we had 2 iPhones go head to head on the big screen. It was super fun – one student managed to have a run of close to 10K right out the gate. It was epic – super fun and easy – it will become a regular game we play in the future – just change to whatever the hot app is at that time (Fruit Ninja, Tiny Wings, etc). We also played the classic Jesus Pwn3d you video near the opening of the service, too!

Music Playlist: Rise and Sing, Words That You Say, Learn to Love, Your Love is Enough, Burning One

Up next: The Book: 40 Days in the Word (week 3 of 6)

Josh Griffin


5 responses to HSM Weekend in Review: Volume 169

  1. How did you display the iPhone screen on the big screens? Did you use an over-the-shoulder camera that displayed the live feed?

  2. Erik w/a “k” February 10, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Love the App Showdown! We are doing that for our high school conference next week.

  3. Details on how to do the app showdown would be awesome. Did you mirror using 2 apple tv’s and a video switch?

  4. Great idea with the App Showdown! Would love to hear the technical details on how you pulled that off.

  5. Yes, do share. What are the tech details for doing an App showdown on a big screen? I get how to use an Apple TV, but how do you show two iphones? More info would be awesome!!!

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