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How to Get Your Youth Ministry Book Published

 —  March 2, 2012 — 3 Comments

Want to get your youth ministry book published? Big news this week from Simply Youth Ministry’s new project: Everyday Youth Ministry. Get all of the details in the video above or by clicking here. Here’s a clip to get you started, too. Gonna be fun to see what comes out of this!

1. Find your STS.
Everything depends on what you have to say—find your “Something to Say.”

• Assess the reason you want to write—We think the only legitimate reason to write in the ministry world is to “give from your good treasure.”

• Everyone has “good treasure.”

• Corrollary: If you have something to give to other youth pastors, but you don’t, you’re a hoarder.

2. Never forget that writing is hard work. No writer worth his or her salt thinks writing comes “naturally.” Writers are both craftsmen and artists. They put more stock in determination than in flair. There’s nothing especially romantic about writing…to a good writer.

The key is this: Write to express, not to impress. When you use big, showy words to try to capture respect from your readers, you simply telegraph that you’re stuffy and full of yourself.

• Corrollary #1—Get to the point right away. Most people aren’t patient enough to wait around for your message.

• Corrollary #2—Use concrete words and descriptions instead of abstract terms. Don’t write, “Our new outreach event was a spectacular success.” Write instead, “Our new outreach event attracted 15 unchurched kids to our regular meeting.”

• Corrollary #3—Great writing gets out of the way of great ideas. That means your writing serves the ideas you’re offering, not the other way around.

Josh Griffin


3 responses to How to Get Your Youth Ministry Book Published

  1. Ryan Filsinger May 13, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Is there a reason these links are dead? Is this no longer something you guys are doing or did the information just get moved somewhere else?

  2. It is still going – just updated all of the links, sorry about thta! JG

  3. Ryan Filsinger (@rfilsinger) July 15, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Awesome.. just finishing up my proposal. Expect it this week!

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