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Helping Camp Decisions Stick

 —  July 14, 2010 — 3 Comments

We had a ton of camp decisions made this summer – just like you will or did. I enjoyed what Mike Calhoun posted today on his blog about making camp decisions stick. He would know, he’s led an amazing camp for what seems like forever. Here’s a clip of his thoughts, worth heading to his site and reading the rest:

  • Remember, decisions don’t change your life, they change your direction. Students should never walk away from a commitment service thinking they are done. They are just beginning.
  • Realize that students are capable of making life-changing, lifelong decisions. Do not discount decisions made by your younger students.
  • Being emotional does not discredit their decisions nor does the lack of emotion. Some students are wired to be more emotional than others. This is not about emotions; it is about facts.
  • Don’t assume the students know what to do following their decisions. This is typically an awkward time for them so help with clarification.Help the students answer the question… “What’s next?”
  • Don’t overload them with the details of the next ten years; help them one step at a time.


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Helping Camp Decisions Stick

  1. What’s the url for his site? I’d love to follow up and read the whole thing!

  2. The link didn’t work for some reason: here you go!


  3. Great post Josh. You also have a great name.

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