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 —  September 9, 2012 — 9 Comments

Real-life #YOLO Tweets:

  • Just biked in front of a car to scare them #YOLO
  • eating ice cream for breakfast because #YOLO
  • Just ran a red light right beside the police station #YOLO
  • Drunk driving to get my buddies home #YOLO they will thank me in the morning

I’m sure most people who are online, working with social media or spending any time with students have heard the term YOLO. If you don’t know what it means, its an acronym for You Only Live Once.

I constantly hear my students saying YOLO, the problem is that this statement isn’t connected with doing anything to achieve something in life, its used as an excuse for things we probably shouldn’t do and often when they have had near tragic accidents.

My desire is to change this mentality: I want to take the idea that we only live once so it’s okay to do something stupid and transform it into the fact that we only live once for yourself, but you can live for Christ.

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” Matthew 16:25

I want to encourage my students to live life not for themselves but for Christ. Wouldn’t it be awesome if instead of students using YOLO as mistake metaphor, if they used it to talk about their sacrifice for God.

Dream YOLO Tweets:

  • Stayed up late last night leading my friend to Christ #YOLO
  • Reading my Bible with breakfast #YOLO
  • Bringing three friends to church today #YOLO

Now I realize these tweets are probably a little on the long shot side, okay a lot. But wouldn’t it be amazing for students to be living their life for God and declaring it on Twitter or Facebook?

So now its our turn, Fall is starting and our students are back in classes. While they’re getting bombarded at school with #YOLO what message are you going to be giving them?

Kyle Corbin has been serving youth as a volunteer or pastor for over 10 years. He is currently the youth pastor at the Bridge Church in North Vancouver B.C. You can follow his blog at: kylecorbin.blogspot.com or Twitter: @CorbinKyle.

Josh Griffin


9 responses to GUEST POST: #YOLO For Christ

  1. Wonderful post, Brother Kyle! You ever head down to Washington St.? Lemme know and I’ll take you out for coffee sometime! Grace n’ Peace Brotha!


  2. I actually used YOLO in my lesson last week. We were looking at Abram and his descendents and I taught about the lasting effects of what we do and that our “living” lasts for an eternity.

  3. Caleb- I’m not far and come down once in a while, I linked to your webpage so I will fire you an email!

    Jordan- That sounds awesome! I love connecting Abram to YOLO, really creative and important message!

  4. Great post! Thanks for this. We are in a series called, “If God Had a Facebook” and this is totally helpful. I’m talking on evangelism (“Comment”) in a couple of weeks and I think this will be a good tie-in with the facebook thing.

  5. We just finished do a series called YOLO.
    Week 1. You only live once–basically act wisely from Ecclesiastes 2, all the pleasures of this world are vanity but we can live a full life in Christ.
    Week 2. You Only live once. Live it out for Christ–Phil 1:21 for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.
    Week 3. Scripture was Hebrews 9:27. You only live once, Basically our actions will be judged as well as others so we must tell Christ every chance we get.

    It went over great. The students loved it. It is a great topic to address.

    • Any chance you would email me any notes/discussion guides you made Jeremy? I am setting up a series around some of this an I am looking for stuff to put in. dpsaint a.t gmail

  6. Made this game up to go with our Topic for youth group tomorrow night…We’ll see how it goes…

    YOLO Survival

    Objective: Be the Last person standing by either surviving the YOLOs or being the ULTIMATE YOLO

    Getting started:
    1) Have all the students line up side by side and close their eyes.
    2) The leader then secretly double-taps two students on the shoulder to be the YOLOs
    3) Students then all go into the designated area, coned off (Depending on the size of your group, 25 kids=half a basketball court) and cannot leave the area.

    Playing the Game:
    1) Once all the students are in the designated area, play music for as long as you want (think musical chairs), while the kids walk around nervously in the area wondering who the YOLOs might be.
    2) When you stop the music, the secret YOLOs yell: “YOLO!” and proceed to tag as many people in 10 seconds that they can.
    3) If a YOLO does not tag anyone, they are out.
    4) If someone is tagged by a YOLO they are out.
    5) If someone leaves the designated area, they are out.
    6) The survivors and the successful YOLOs enter ROUND 2 in which 1-2 new YOLOs are secretly chosen and the music begins again.
    7) This continues until a YOLO has tagged everyone or there is one survivor left

    The WINNER:
    1) Either a YOLO that has tagged all the remaining people or the last person not Tagged by a YOLO.

    Example: if there are two people left at the end of the game, one YOLO and one Survivor, then the Survivor is the WINNER.

    COMBINES elements from: Duck, Duck Goose, Musical Chairs, Murder in the Dark, and Tag

  7. In going with the YOLO theme I am actually going to give my kids a Bucket Challenge* this month to redeem YOLO by posting something on instagram/twitter/facebook like “I’m so tired but I am still going to Sunday school this morning because #YOLO” or in line with the other examples above.

    *Bucket challenge: an activity that corresponds to the topic of the month/series that is designed to get the students to think about what they are learning for themselves outside the context of church. i.e. it’s home work that’s fun or engaging. examples: during our “I heart Lies” series they did a photo contest “I spy a lie” where they would post an advertisement or a moment that presented a lie. at the end of the month we voted, and the winner got to choose the game for the next youth group. Other times I might post a video on the blog and encourage them to post a comment to encourage further dialogue on a topic. We are thinking of doing one here soon called the “Silence Dare” where students can see how long they can sit, walk, run in silent prayer and post their results. There are drawbacks to posting about every good deed you do, but it is merely a starting point.

  8. As a follow up to our challenge I made a video that encourages us all to live a life that is worthy of what it means to be redeemed. (Think nooma video with low production)

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