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GUEST POST: The Power of Presence

 —  April 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

I just got done sitting in the cold rain watching a high school soccer game…and it was absolutely amazing! God taught me something tonight about ministry that I too often forget. The power of presence. Sometimes just being with a student or going to one of their games can be more impactful than anything you say. I watched 3 student’s faces light up tonight as they walked off the field and saw that I braved the cold to watch them play soccer. It was really the highlight of my day! Too often we as youth pastors can become “too busy” to attend events and games but really it’s just inconvenient because it’s in the evening. It’s worth every minute.

Here are some helpful hints for attending events:

1) Spring is a great time to attend because all events are outdoors and they’re FREE!

2) If you can’t be there the entire time, show up halfway through or when they compete.

3) Stay after and connect with the student encouraging them!

4) Take the opportunity to meet their parents and build relationships while in the stands.

Brian Dickison is the Youth Pastor at Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek Washington 

Geoff Stewart


One response to GUEST POST: The Power of Presence

  1. I was reminded of this recently and it is so impactful.

    I was watching a soccer game that went into two overtimes, then shootouts. I was sitting there questioning whether or not it was worth it, but after that game, when the students were so excited I stayed (and one scored a goal in overtime) it reminded me that I should be there.

    Each one of us has the ability to be the presence of Christ for these students in both a small way (in terms of time) and a huge way in terms of meaning.

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