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GUEST POST: I’ve Failed As a Youth Pastor

 —  July 9, 2011 — 6 Comments

I’ve FAILED as a youth pastor…

… if I put the ministry ahead of my relationship with God.

… if I put the ministry ahead of my relationship with my wife and family.

… if don’t invest in meaningful friendships outside of youth ministry and/or the church.

… if I don’t continually work to grow closer to my Creator.

… if I allow my identity to be found in my work.

… if I allow the numbers to discourage me OR make me feel good about myself.

… if I become jaded toward the church because of envy or pride.

… if I allow people’s view of me get in the way of God’s view of me.

… if I allow how the church/leadership values me to define my worth.

… if I am not a disciple AND a disciple maker.

… if I constantly look beyond student ministry toward “the next big thing.”

… if students feel like numbers and not individuals.

… if the work I’m doing “for” God doesn’t align with God’s desire for me or the ministry.

I’m sure there are others we need to be aware of as pastors/leaders/volunteers. Any others that come to mind?

Steve Ingold is the High School Director at Cornerstone Fellowship in the California Bay Area. Check him out on Twitter or read his blog.

Josh Griffin


6 responses to GUEST POST: I’ve Failed As a Youth Pastor

  1. Failed Youth Pastor July 9, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Show me a youth pastor who hasn’t failed. This is a tough list to swallow although I agree with every one of them.

  2. …if I spend more time teaching what they want to hear (how much God loves them and we all make mistakes) than what God says they need to hear (we must be obedient to His commands – worship, salvation, etc.)

  3. …If I care more about my student’s behaviors than about their spiritual well-being.

  4. I suppose now one could say you have taken your eyes off God and onto your possible shortcomings to a point of cruelty towards oneself….

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