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Group Magazine 2012 Youth Ministry Salary Survey

 —  February 27, 2012 — 6 Comments

Group Magazine just published their 2012 Youth Ministry Salary Survey that you might be interested in!


Josh Griffin


6 responses to Group Magazine 2012 Youth Ministry Salary Survey

  1. One thing I’d be interested to see in regards to this survey is average salary based upon number of children and age of children. My wife and I don’t have any kids, but we’re getting close to that point. One thing we’ve discussed and noticed is that youth pastors typically get a raise when they have children. I know right now, if we were to have a child we would be unable to pay for all the added expenses. Has anyone else noticed/thought about this or had any experiences in this area? Thanks.

  2. There is a youth worker who is 40-45 years old, with 250-299 students, who has a doctorate who seems to be skewing the data. But still a great survey and very helpful!

  3. Hey Mike,

    Many churches have a grid that they work with for paying pastors that is based on people in similar ministries in the area the church is in, with factors such as cost of living etc included. Many churches do provide a cost of living increase when their staff have Children. I would ask and let them know the reality that you are in. I personally do not have kids, but know several pastors at other churches near me who got small bumps when they had kids.

  4. All churches should give a cost of living increase for kids, and promise it to those who are having kids. One of my pet peeves is when a church prevents a young couple from having kids. Arrrgggh! JG

    • I disagree that all churches should give a cost of living increase for kids. I think all churches should have a fair/balanced pay scale based (with an annual cost of living increase for EVERYONE or no one) which takes into count experience/longevity in the same church/education/and scope of the job. Something similar to the pay scale school districts have. A pay scale that is not biased on gender/life stage/nepotism/ etc. What if someone doesn’t or can’t have kids? Should they get paid less than someone who does? Also…the link to the Group Salary Survey doesn’t link to the Salary Survey anymore.

  5. The survey isn’t working. I’m getting ready to take on a big youth ministry and I want to know how much money I should ask for

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