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Group Blogging RoundUp: Day Two

 —  February 24, 2008 — 3 Comments

Here’s some posts from the bloggers doing the National Youth Ministry Conference:


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Group Blogging RoundUp: Day Two

  1. You make think I am crazy but getting here was one of the hardest descisions I have in youth ministry. I signed up to come the night of the deadline, and there was not much time left. I have been to different conferences but they were mostly for the youth group. I have been to other workshops but they only last a an afternoon. I have talked with other youth workers and wanted to be in a youthworker “network” but notheing has come of it. This conference these youth workers in the trenches have been interested in where I am at in ministry, invited out to dinner and chinese food. Things that have happened to me before.
    While it is important to get the youth to conferences to be challenged, encouraged, and renewed it is just as important for the youth worker, youth pastor, or youth director to have the same challenge, the same encouragement, and the the same renewal without it we will also be the ones writing our resignations on computers, we will be the youth worker that only last a couple of years. Instead of the one that hangs in there over the years, to see an impact being made (hopefully).
    It may have been one of the hardest decsions but it was also one of the best to come here. Thanks.

  2. Sweet. I made the list. PS – I sent you the Megan Hutchinson = Tina Fey 6. Give her the glasses and she’s an 8.

  3. Been following your blog and blogging myself about the conference. http://www.nicwilliams.net. Have tried to catch up with you to get a free shirt but you are elusive. One day left to try and catch you. Ill try and grab you on stage tomorrow. Also a sack couch would be awesome….(never hurts to ask…you have not because you ask not…ask and you shall receive….) Thanks for all yall do. This has been a great conference/conversation so far.


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