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Good Enough

Neely McQueen —  May 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

“Am I Good Enough?” – this little question is asked by a majority of teenage girls. There is an easy answer – unfortunately, most girls need to hear it multiple times, different ways and from a variety of people.

Here are some times and ways:

*Every time you interact with a girl in your ministry you can reinforce your value and worth with an encouraging word and with a hug.

*In your messages share stories of women from the Bible, from your church and from your ministry. By sharing stories of other women you are showing how Jesus sees value in all people…in all their uniqueness.

*Be clear-we are never good enough…Communicate that truth…don’t confuse students (girls) by creating false standards of what makes someone good.

*Stop focusing on the outside. We spend a lot of time talking about the issues related to a girl’s appearance…a girl will never feel good enough when it comes to appearance…point to the amazing unique qualities of each girl in your ministry and help them see what matters most about them.

*Do something special for girls to tackle this topic. Give them an outlet to process and discuss what they are feeling…being able to express their feelings in a safe place is a great gift we can give them.

*Encourage parents to talk about it with their students. Hearing that you are good and that you matter from your parents can change a students outlook on themselves!

What do you do when a girl expresses the pain of not feeling good enough?

Neely McQueen


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